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Mark Limosani, DDS

Nothing but the best! This is not an advanced course in sedation for dentistry, it’s THE advanced course in sedation for dentistry, period!

Mark Limosani, DDS/ Weston Endodontic Care


Kenneth Polke, DDS

Albert Einstein once said, “the sign of a true genius is the ability to make the complex simple.” That is what Bill did for me. He takes the complex and allows you to use that information first thing on Monday morning. Right from the start, he makes it apparent that you don’t know what you don’t know, but he gives you and your staff the confidence to rise above the rest.

Kenneth Polke, DDS/ American Dental Excellence



Solomon Poyourow, DDS, MD, MPH

 I was drawn to Bill’s course because I could tell he is a dedicated teacher and lifelong learner. He gets the latest gadgets and is always up to date on pharmaceuticals both new and old. Even though he has been in practice for over 30 years he stays on the cutting edge of his specialty. That level of excitement is contagious.

Solomon Poyourow, DDS, MD, MPH / Diplomate, American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Adam Jensen, DMD

The hands on advanced sedation training with Dr. Gottschalk was well worth it. It gave me a greater understanding of the range of effects of the drugs we use every day, and the confidence to successfully use the ones we hopefully never have to. We go way past moderate sedation into full GA with him, so we are more able recognize if we were to go past moderate on our own, and how to manage it if we do. I learned things from simple techniques to smooth out sedations with less drugs, to painless IV placement. I really valued the one on one, hands on approach. And the fact that we could see our own patients in our own office, with our own equipment was invaluable. I recommend this course to anyone that offers IV sedation in their practice.

Adam Jensen, DMD / Midtown Dental Center

Carlos Rivero, DMD

What a week! Hands-on airway management on live patients, sim-man emergency training, and organized lectures on anesthesia…exactly the type of training I needed to take my sedation skills to the next level. Should be mandatory for conscious sedation providers.  If you are looking to build your confidence in providing conscious sedation and have fun in the process, take this course, it’s worth every penny.

Carlos Rivero, DMD

John Vondrell, M.D.

Dr. Gottschalk, I am a physician anesthesiologist and member of the ASA and ADSA. I wish to compliment you on your excellent Intro to Capnography video. I consider it one of the best of its kind in explaining the value of ETCO2 measurements in sedated patients.

John Vondrell, M.D. / Anesthesiologist



Dr. Stan Malamed

I am a dentist anesthesiologist who has had the good fortune to be able to work alongside Dr. Bill Gottschalk for more than 25 years teaching intravenous moderate sedation courses. I have seen Bill working in both the clinical and didactic environments during these intensive programs and I will say in all honesty that Dr. Gottschalk is a master at what he does. If you have an opportunity to enroll in one of his advanced IV sedation programs, I would encourage you to do so. The clinical experience alone is invaluable.

Dr. Stan Malamed / Author of Sedation - A Guide to Patient Management



Dan Hilton, DDS

If anybody is considering your course, have them call me personally, and I will get them to sign up.

Dan Hilton, DDS



Blair Tudor, DMD

If you are looking for a comprehensive approach to dental anesthesia, this is the course to take! Dr. Bill Gottschalk’s combination of didactic and hands-on approach truly allows the sedation dentist to further advance their skills through real-time experience. The training I received has definitely changed the nature in which I practice IV sedation. I highly recommend this course.

Blair Tudor, DMD / Anchorage, AK