Dr. H. William Gottschalk…

Bill began his higher education studying biology at the University of Southern California, after which he received early admission to the University of Maryland School of Dentistry – the first dental school in the world.

From there Dr. Bill completed two residencies;  The first was a general practice-hospital practice residency at LA County / USC Medical Center and then he completed an anesthesiology residency at the Medical College of Pennsylvania, University of Pennsylvania.

In addition to 32 years of practicing general dentistry, Dr. Gottschalk has also been a member of the clinical faculty at the USC School of Dentistry.  He has written journal articles, lectured nationally on anesthesia, and contributed entire chapters to anesthesia textbooks.

Dr. Gottschalk doesn’t just teach, he also practices.  At Alpha Anesthesia Seminars you will be learning from a mentor who has trained well over 200 doctors and staff since 2010.  Dr. Bill believes that learning from experience is far superior to learning simply from theory alone.

Why did I start this course?

After my anesthesiology residency, I started teaching the USC School of Dentistry Basic IV Sedation Course.  After a few years, I realized that there were basic IV courses and residencies.  There was nothing in between.  There was a huge chasm in training and just as large of a demand for additional training.

Basic IV courses are just that; basic.  There is not time for airway training or the facilities.  In 2001 I began to develop a course that would bridge the gap and in 2010, I began to market it to the profession.  Since then, the materials and philosophy of providing sedation, anesthesia, and airway management have evolved into a demanding, action packed, yet rewarding course.  On a scale of 1-5, the course has averaged 4.96 in 24 categories.

Moderate sedation is much more difficult to administer than general anesthesia.  To do it well, you must learn the rules of anesthesia.  Learning these rules must begin with hands-on training in airway management and understanding a vital signs monitor.  With these skills as a foundation, different medications and administration techniques can be easily learned and implemented.

After training over 200 doctors in these techniques, I have learned many teaching techniques so that each participant will receive the maximum benefits of the course.

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Dr. Dave Backus

I first met Dave when he took one of my advanced IV courses.  We have stayed in touch ever since.  Then he spent time training with me soon after his anesthesiology residency.

Professionally the man is a registered pharmacist, a practicing dentist, and if that wasn’t enough, he went back to school at the age of 50 to become a dentist anesthesiologist and now he is dual board certified.

Dave doesn’t just teach, he also practices.  He has been delivering sedation and anesthesia since 1998, and he loves what he is doing.

In fact, he has taught me more than a thing or two.  Even I need a go-to authority when I have questions.  Let me warn you, don’t ask what left axis deviation means.

At Alpha Anesthesia Seminars you will be learning from a mentor who has trained doctors and staff since 2012.

In addition to practicing dentistry and anesthesia, Dave is a licensed pilot, flies model helicopters, plays hockey, travels, rides a motorcycle, and has been married to his beautiful wife, Amy for 32 years.


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Dr. Glenn Sperbeck

I first met Glenn when he was completing the Basic IV Sedation Course at the USC School of Dentistry where I was one of the course instructors.  He then took multiple advanced IV courses that I taught. Glenn has been providing sedations with 2 infusion pumps, multiple medications, and he can teach from the perspective of a general practitioner providing moderate sedation. He has been delivering sedation since 2005.

Glenn and his staff provide sedation like an anesthesiologist
Professionally, Glenn goes way beyond the traditional general practice with his knowledge of implantology, TMJ therapy, stem cell therapy, and holistic approaches to health centered care.

Glenn doesn’t just practice. He likes reading, hiking, camping, fishing, hanging out with family and grandkids, but really enjoys teaching.

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Eddie Cabrera

I have worked with Eddie since 2004.  He has probably been involved in over 3,000 anesthetics and he is an extraordinary anesthesia assistant.  His presence adds to the great experience that our doctors have with the clinical programs.  He relates extremely well with the other assistants and they don’t feel intimidated likethey do with a doctor instructing them.

He is great at instructing other assistants in how to do proper record keeping, setting up for a case, helping with airway management, and
how to assist on the sedated patient.  The reality is, Eddie teaches the same things that I do in a way that assistants respond very well.