April 23, 2020 AlphaAnesthesia

Covid-19 Update

I hope you are doing well.  In California we have been under quarantine since March 19th and dentistry has virtually come to a grinding halt.

I have been following the pandemic situation and based on the latest news, I am going to have to reschedule the May course. Because I am a “small” operation, I will do something I have never done.  I am going to combine the Level 1 course with the Advanced sedation for Oral Surgery course .  There is a difference between the courses.  I want to have the first day for the Level 1 course be dedicated to just lecture.  This will allow all of you to get up to speed with the oral surgeons.  Everybody will be gaining airway management skills and here is where you will benefit.

You will be participating in the cricothyrotomy lab on a pig larynx and be able to do transtracheal topical anesthetic on the live patients.  You will also be placing intra-osseous needles.  In addition, you will receive the lecture on the Anesthetic Management of the Medically Compromised Patient.  I reserve all of these for the Level 3 course.  The oral surgeons want to learn techniques for their longer cases (implants and sinus grafting).  You will be exposed to sedating patients with a midazolam infusion, and using morphine, dilaudid, alfentanil, and dexmedetomine.  I reserve this for my Level 2 course. I think I can add an additional 8 hours for your course.

The dates for the rescheduled course will be Sunday August 30th to Thursday September 3rd. I am sorry to do this, but to insure you an outstanding experience, we need to provide this course when this crisis is over.  Feel free

to call me with questions or concerns.  I am also easily contacted through email.



Bill Gottschalk