Alpha Anesthesia Products

Curved Intubation Forcepts


The curved shape of the intubation forceps allows both the tip of the forceps and the glottic opening to be simultaneously visible in the field of view during video laryngoscopy. This makes placement of a nasoendotrachael tube and removal of a foreign body easier. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

CO2 Absorber & Circuit


A CO2 absorber added to your nitrous oxide/oxygen flowmeter will allow you to deliver these gases through an uncluttered single hose to the patient.  It also only takes seconds to convert to a full face mask to provide positive pressure ventilation.  This allows you to use minimal gas flows.  Saving money and your patient, what’s not to love?

Inexpensive Video Laryngoscope

Video laryngoscopy has made its way to mainstream anesthesiology.  If you don’t routinely intubate patients, it makes little sense to purchase a $2,000 to $10,000 video laryngoscope. If there is a severe airway emergency, you will wish you had one.

A great option is to use a VividTrac disposable video laryngoscope, and a tablet with the software to photograph or video your laryngoscopy.  Whether for an intubation or removal of a foreign body, this low-cost, excellent image package will give you piece of mind without breaking the bank.

You can’t find this package for less.


Alpha Anesthesia Software: Under Development

    • Imagine a program that will guide you through a patient’s medical history, tells you the action of each medication, and provides medical alerts .
    • Imagine a program where you record your vital signs, what medications were just administered, monitor readings, and comments.
    • Imagine having emergency algorhythms immediately available to help you manage a complication.
    • Imagine a program that will print or send to your server, a clear, precise anesthesia record that you can easily reference in the future.
    • Imagine a program that will keep a medication count, generate a medical insurance claim form, and allow you to do an analysis of your techniques or patient statistics.
    • Imagine all of this being hands free, on a tablet.  


We already have!