Mobile Anesthesia


Treating a patient while sedated or under general anesthesia has made its way into mainstream dentistry, now that there are dentist anesthesiologists who understand your procedures and have the skills and equipment to provide anesthesia in dental practices.

If you are looking at this website, you are looking for a new or another anesthesiologist to handle your patients. Many dentist anesthesiologists (DA) have become traveling sedationists who administer just enough medication to relax a patient and rely on them to maintain their own airway.

Hospital Level Anesthesia in Your Office

Doctors that I work with are looking for more than that. I have provided hospital level anesthesia for over 20 years in a surgery center. I am still providing that level of care in my mobile anesthesia practice. I practiced general dentistry and anesthesiology for 32 years, so I totally understand all surgical and restorative procedures. Many times, the operating doctor and I will consult and discuss the proposed treatment. How many times did you wish that you could get a second opinion on the spot?
You may be wondering how easy it is to schedule a patient for your procedure under anesthesia. All you have to do is have your office manager call me, set up a date, provide the patient contact information, and I do the rest. I will review the patient’s medical history, request consultation information with their physician, explain the procedure, provide pre-appointment instructions, and answer any of their questions.

So far, this is pretty routine with anyone who will do anesthesia in your office.


What I Do Differently…

What separates me from other DA’s is that I have a portable, military anesthesia machine that allows me to provide hospital level anesthesia, even in a cramped dental operatory. I make sure that my anesthesia includes field avoidance so that you have the best possible visibility of the operating conditions.
I also have decades of experience managing medically compromised, special needs, and pediatric patients. This has made me a seasoned anesthesia provider so that I can deliver the quality and level of anesthesia care that is safe and makes your life easier.

What can happen if your case starts to run later than anticipated? I have heard of horror stories where the DA just packed his stuff up and left, leaving the procedure unfinished or forcing the dentist to complete his tasks with the patient awake.

Luckily for my doctors, I am at a different stage of my career. I rarely like to schedule more than 1 case a day, and if I do, there will be several hours in between. I never schedule 2 long cases on the same day, unless it is in the same office.