Alpha Level Staff Training

We encourage you to bring the whole team.  Not only do you have to learn the best techniques for sedating your patients, but you also need a team that knows your every move, before you make it.  Your assistants can make a difference in almost every case because they will see changes in the monitor before you will!

Conversely they can also really mess things up if they don’t know what they are doing.

Staff members will have the opportunity to place and hold a facemask, ventilate an apneic patient, place airway adjuncts, and place laryngeal mask airways.  There are also staff specific topics in the lectures where they are trained to help monitor the patient, how to properly maintain an anesthesia record, and how to handle patient questions.

It’s so important that when providing advanced anesthesia on your patients that you work with your team to provide the best results.

Albert Einstein once said, “the sign of a true genius is the ability to make the complex simple.” That is what Bill did for me. He takes the complex and allows you to use that information first thing on Monday morning. Right from the start, he makes it apparent that you don’t know what you don’t know, but he gives you and your staff the confidence to rise above the rest.

Dr. Kenneth Polke Westminster, CO